Bring on the crowds with Tork PeakServe and 250%* more hand towels

High-traffic washrooms now better equipped to handle large crowds For a building services manager, a cleaner or facility manager big crowds can cause big problems at venues like airports, zoos, shopping centres and stadiums. Large crowds put heavy stress on washrooms and their equipment. Refills can run out fast and cleaners have a hard time […]

Careerforce is offering free enrolment in Cleaning Level 2 and 3 qualifications

To celebrate our anniversary, and to recognise our support of Thank Your Cleaner Day, we are offering free enrolment in Cleaning Level 2 for the month of September and Cleaning Level 3 for the month of October. Careerforce is an official sponsor of Thank Your Cleaner Day; it’s our way of recognising and applauding the […]

Disrupting the Cleaning Industry!

Imagine ending your labour supply problems, reducing your staff turnover, doing the right thing by your workers and getting the edge in this competitive market – all at the same time.

DefendAir® HEPA 500

For professional-grade air filtration, choose the DefendAir® HEPA 500 from Dri-Eaz. The unit features true HEPA filter media and a two-stage prefilter system. An optional carbon filter to capture odors, and an optional DOP filter ensures first-pass HEPA filtration for sensitive jobs. Plus, the HEPA 500 unit features a convenient stackable size, a rugged rotomolded […]

Hygiene issues in open plan offices. Free whitepaper.

It is becoming increasingly evident that cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace is no longer just a matter of pleasantry, but is a vital factor for productivity. With more and more offices converting to open plan, people are socialising more frequently, sharing facilities and technology, and thereby facing more hygiene risks than before. It’s estimated […]


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